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Naturally for animals
Project “Development of a Polish drug used in the treatment of bacterial diseases in dogs and cats – technological research” has been supported by European Union funds POIR.02.03.02-14-0042/18-00.
CelVet is an entirely Polish company conducting research on innovative veterinary medicines and animal cosmetics based on herbs and natural plants extracts. We cooperate with scientific centres in Poland. We are working hard to develop a new form of oral medicine for dogs and cats to help cure their bacterial conditions. We also provide advisory services in the process of registration and distribution of medicines for animals.
Monika i Monika

Friends who, based on their own experience, decided to improve the life of animals, CelVet s. c.


Based on natural ingredients. Help to keep pets clean and cared for.


Biotechnology in the service of nature is the combination that provides the best effectiveness in preventing disease. It’s supposed to be easy and painless.


Nature usually knows what your pet needs, which is why a series of supplements supporting animal health have been developed in harmony with nature.


Returning to nature is the best way to keep your pet, such as your dog or cat healthy. Antibiotics can kill not only bad bacteria, but also the best good bacteria that help animals to recover. That’s why the SUNDEWS extract came to our products. Research shows that plants from the Drosera family can have anti-inflammatory, anticancer and antimicrobial properties.

Size doesn’t matter.
We help even the smallest ones.

The natural substances contained in our products are good for both small and large animals. Dog and cat will take advantage of them.

We cooperate with research centres of Polish universities to cure all antibacterial diseases of these animals.


We are doing our best to provide help to your animal as soon as possible. We know that cosmetics, supplements and medicines, well composed in harmony with nature, are the key to your pet’s health.


Shampoo with sundew extract. Washes, cares for and heals skin problems of animals such as cats, dogs and even camels. Available in 250 ml and 5 l containers.


A veterinary drug in a new, unexplored till now oral formulation. Used to treat bacterial infections in dogs and cats. Precise and stable. You’ll give it to your pet easily and stress-free.


Appropriate supplementation will make your dog and cat have shiny fur and healthy teeth.