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Veterinary drugs

As part of the Intelligent Development Operational Program 2014-2020, CelVet is implementing a project aimed at creating innovative drugs for the treatment of bacterial diseases in dogs and cats. The main idea is to develop a gel formula of medicines that will be stable, very easy to administer and at the same time not noticeable by dog and cat.


Treatment of bacterial infections in dogs and cats.

At CelVet, we are working on a veterinary medicine in a new oral formulation containing β-lactam and β-lactamese inhibitors. We want our medicine to be precise and stable. That dog and cat owners can easily and stress-free give the medicine to their pets. We are currently entering the stage of optimization and integration of the production process and quality control methods. The aim of this work is to develop quality documentation and obtain a manufacturing permit and GMP certificate. The next step will be to conduct pharmacokinetic, tolerance and clinical veterinary studies.

PHASE 1. Development of a new formulation.

PHASE 2. Scaling, optimization, validation of the manufacturing process.

PHASE 3. Production of three series.

PHASE 4. Preclinical and clinical studies.

PHASE 5. Drug registration – central procedure.

PHASE 6. Obtaining patents.


Phase 2.