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Active substances in an innovative form

Celamox is the first veterinary drug (antibiotic) combinig amoxicillin and clavulanic acid in the form of an oral whater-free oil gel. It will be available in tube form in 3 doses with the amount of active ingredient adjusted to the weight of the animal: cats and small dogs, medium dogs and large dogs. Each tube will contain the appropriate dosage for 7 days treatment. Proper selection of excipients will keep the drug stable for several months.

Ease of administration

Currently, administering medications to pets is difficult because of their form and dosage. It takes quite a bit of effort for owners to administer pills and injections in way that cat or dog would accept and take necessery medicines. Therefore, Celamox was created with ease of use in mind. The antibiotic, in the form of an oral oleogel, allows for simple and precise dosing. Animal tailored flavor will provide additional incentive to take the medication. In this way, the owner can dosage the antibiotic himself, and the veterinarian can devote this time to admitting other patients.

Effectiveness of antibiotic treatment

Celamox, thanks to the oleogel form and packaging (tube) adjusted to the weight of the animal, will enable precise dosage of the drug and its absorption by the animal. This will ensure treatment efficacy and limit the increase of antibiotic resistance.


  • skin and soft tissue infections – the most common dog diseases,
  • urinary tract infections – the most common cat diseases,
  • respiratory infections,
  • gastroenteritis,
  • teeth infections and surrounding tissues.